New Cairo in Egypt

New Cairo

New Cairo is a district of Cairo, located around the edges of the crowded main area of the city. Having been part of the now disbanded Helwan Governorate, New Cairo was established in order to alleviate some of the pressure on Cairo and Giza, and is now back to being part of the Cairo Governorate.

New Cairo consists of luxury compounds, residences, and villas where the more well-to-do families have homes here. It is a place where the wealthy can live away from the crowds and pollution of the more populous areas of the city, while still being able to commute for work, with several companies even having offices in New Cairo. Compounds here include Sherouq, Rehab, Medinaty, the 1st through 5th Settlements, and Kattameya.

New Cairo is also home to many universities and international schools, such as the American University in Cairos new campus, the German University in Cairo, Future University in Egypt, and Canadian International College.

Last Updated: April 28th, 2011