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Map of Egypt

Nile River Delta

Egypt is located in the northeast part of Africa with the Sinai Peninsula in southwest Asia, separated from Egypt by the Suez Canal. There is a lot of water surrounding the vast deserts of Egypt. The Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea are both major bodies of water, and the Nile River runs right through mainland Egypt. It is hard to imagine that most of Egypt is covered in sand and deserts with that much water around! The terrain is very lush and green near the Nile River. The triangle of really green land in the picture below is the Nile Delta, and it is where the Nile River empties out into the Mediterranean Sea.


The climate of Egypt is hot and dry. Egypt is a sandy desert plateau, cut into two by the Nile River. As a stark contrast, the Nile River valley is very lush and green. The soil near the Nile River is fertile and excellent for farming.


Because there is a lot of sunshine in Egypt, and the soil near the Nile River is very fertile, many crops are grown. Cotton, rice, clover and sugar cane are all major crops of Egypt. Farmers also grow different kinds of beans to eat, as well as citrus fruits like oranges, tomatoes and potatoes. The crops are easily irrigated if needed thanks to the plentiful water supply of the Nile River.