The first site this month is titled The Ancient Egypt Site

Egypt Month Egypt web review editor Siri Bezdicek

Siri Bezdicek

The first site this month is titled The Ancient Egypt Site. This site is very attractive. It is not flashy but there is enough color in the graphics for it not to be boring. This site is very well organized and contains a massive amount of information. The Ancient Egypt Site offers information on History of Ancient Egypt, Saqqara, City of the Dead, and the Language of Ancient Egypt among other topics. Each of these larger categories has several sub-categories that help to organize the site and also help to contain the wealth of information in an easier, less overwhelming way. Included in the information are relevant pictures and graphics on a nice background. Plan some time for this site- its worth it!

While the next site, Rivendells Ancient Egyptian History, isnt as extensive as the first, it is a great site with valuable information. The topics included are Ancient History Introduction, Hieroglyphics, and Gods and Goddesses. There arent any graphics or pictures but there is a lovely table of the gods and goddesses, and there is another great table of the hieroglyphics. The site is very organized and pleasant to look at with a simple background and easy to read text.

Understanding Ancient Egypt Beliefs is a site that is listed this month for parents. This is a fun to visit with your children.

There is a relatively short information page on religious beliefs, including The Legend of Isis and Osiris. Following this page is the Pyramid Puzzle; a crossword puzzle including clues pertaining to the information presented on the previous page. The puzzle is intended to be printed and completed on paper. This is a nice, interactive way to learn a little about Egypt with your children. Lastly this month is a site titled Contents on Egypt.. This site is organized well with a nice background and print that is slightly larger than the standard font size. The information contained on this site is from, but the background on this site is much more pleasing to the eye than the bright lime green of Contents on Egypt does offer some nice pictures of Egyptian Art, including Papyrus Works of Art and The Pharaohs Art Gallery. These pages take just a minute to load- but the pictures are worth it. There is a lot of information presented here in a very orderly and easy to follow pattern.