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Egypt Air is the leading airline company in Egypt. The airline is the largest in Africa, operating in the Middle-East, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. It was established in May, 1932. At that time, there were only six other carriers in the country, making Egypt Air in Egypt the seventh airline company to roam the skies. It became a member of the Star Alliance in 2008 along with airlines like Lufthansa, Air Canada, Scandinavian Airlines, and Singapore Lines, making it the 21st member. Egypt Air has a fleet of 70 aircrafts, serving thirteen domestic cities and sixty-five international ones.

History of Egypt Air

Three years after the Egypt Air airline was established, the Egyptian government took over the company, changing the name to Misr Airlines, then in 1946 Misr Air. In 1960 Misr Air merged with Syrian Airlines, forming United Arab Airlines. The merger lasted until 1971 when the identity Egypt Air was reassumed. By 2002, Egypt Air became a holding company with subsidiaries: Air Cairo, Smart Aviation Company, Air Sinai, Egypt Aero Management Service, LSG Sky Chefs Catering Egypt and Civil Aviation Finance and Operating Lease.


Egypt Air is based in Cairo in its own complex at the Cairo International Airport. However, Egypt Air offices and representatives are located all over the country, where you can go and book an Egypt Air flight to any destination of your choice. Egypt Air airlines hold 61% of the Cairo International Airport departure slots, therefore, they have domestic and international flights going out every day. Egypt Air has moved to Terminal 3 in 2009

When planning your visit to Egypt, the Egypt Air website is very user friendly, and you can either choose your home country or browse the worldwide version of the website. Also the website is multilingual; it supports four languages: English, German, Italian and Chinese. The Egypt Air website is very easy to use; it can help you with booking Egypt Air flights, checking a flight status, guiding you through your visit to Egypt, and providing you with information of other Egypt airlines.

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