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Tell us What You Want to See on Tour Egypt

by Jimmy Dunn

Welcome. We need your input, and in doing so, you can help shape the stories we will be presenting on Tour Egypt over the coming year.

This year we celebrate 10 years of serving the tourist who travel to Egypt, and the tourist industry in Egypt, actually a rather long haul for almost any web site. Tour Egypt dates back to the very early days of the commercial internet itself, when the Ministry of Tourism and the Egyptian Tourism Authority requested our services in providing them with their official site. Over that period of time, we have written about every pyramid known in Egypt, almost every major and minor temple, and most of the major tombs, as well as other archaeological sites such as ancient cities. We have written about most of the major historical Christian churches and monasteries, and most of the major historical mosques and other archaic Islamic era monuments. We have also covered various aspects of ancient culture, including religion, though the centuries, and a host of other topics related to antiquities and ancient society, including the history of Egypt. We have also written about most all of the modern tourists destinations, as well as many articles about specific types of tourism and various aids to tourism (See our Home Page).

There is much more that we can write about, and we are always expanding our libraries. We also have various writers in Egypt who we send out to write specific stories. Now, we would like your input as to what you want to read. Think of it as having your own research staff in Egypt. You tell us what you want to find out about in Egypt, what interests you, from general topics to specific ones, or specific sites, and we will send out our staff to accommodate your requests. Keep in mind that we have extensively covered many topics, but feel free to tell us even if you would like to have even more extensive information on a topic we have already covered.

Your input is extremely important to us and to Tour Egypt. We need and want it. This is not a survey as such, or at least not yet. What we really wish for our readers to do is leave us comments by clicking on the comments link below and provide us with a short explanation of what you would like us to write about. Its that simple. You may even tell us other ways that you would like to see Tour Egypt improved.

Thank you

Jimmy Dunn
Webmaster and Chairman
Tour Egypt