Egypt Picture - Funerary Stela of Ankhefenkhons

Funerary Stela of Ankhefenkhons

Funerary Stela of Ankhefenkhons




Funerary Stela of Ankhefenkhons


Funerary stela of Ankhefenkhons, priest of Amun. Underneath an arching winged sun disk a double scene shows Ankhefenkhons adoring Ra-Horakhty on the right and Atum on the left, the two deities representing the rising and setting sun and thus the complete solar cycle. The rest of the stela is taken up by six lines of text in which Ra-Horakhty and Atum promise bread, beer, cattle, birds, incense, wine, milk, all good and pure things and all sweet things on which the god lives, all offerings and provisions for the ka of Ankhefenkhons. The figures on the stela are narrow across the shoulders and waist, giving the impression of slender, elongated bodies. These attenuated proportions are frequently found on Twenty-sixth Dynasty funerary stelae from Thebes and elsewhere, and can recur into the Ptolemaic period. They form a considerable contrast with the robust style of figure that was also in fashi8on at the time. Probably from Thebes. Painted sycamore fig wood. London, British Museum.

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