The Gods of Ancient Egypt -- Amun


Other Names: Ammon, Amen, Kematef

Patron of: the wind, the sun, in later periods he was the supreme deity. Appearance: A man with a punt beard and feathered crown, sometimes wearing the sun disk. He is also shown as a ram or ram-headed man.

Description: A primordial Egyptian creation god, a member of the Ogdoad, and the consort of Amaunet. He was also the consort once of Mut, their child is the moon-god Khonsu.

Worship: Cult centers at Karnak and Deir-el-Bahari (near Luxor), after he was combined with Ra he became the primary deity of the state religion. He was also worshipped by the Greeks as a variant of Zeus.


Composite deity with Ra (starting around the XI Dynasty), king of all the gods, worshipped primarily at Thebes.

The Greek version, worshipped as a variant of Zeus.

Last Updated: Aug 4th, 2011