Egypt: Peteese and Pihor - Brother Gods

Peteese and Pihor

Peteese and Pihor were two deified human brothers, sons of Kuper, who appear to have lived in the vicinity of Dendur in Lower Nubia during the 26th Dynasty. While the reason for their elevation to minor gods is not known, they may have met their death in the Nile river, a fate having connotations to Osiris. However, and significantly, Roman policy towards Egyptian religion was established when Augustus built a modest temple in honor of the brothers on the west bank at Dendur. In some instances, the reliefs show Peteese and Pihor as "upstart" deities making offerings to their superior, the goddess Isis.

Notation: Dendur temple was dismantled to avoid being covered by Lake Nasser when the High Dam at Aswan was constructed in the mid 1900s. It is now part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.