Egypt: The Gods of Ancient Egypt - Renenutet (Renenet, Ernutet, Termuthis, Terenuthis)


Other Names: Termuthis, Ernutet, Renenet

Patron of: fertility and children Appearance: a cobra.

Description: Renenutet was a goddess of great power. Her gaze, it was said, could wither her enemies, but it could also grant great abundance to crops and livestock. During the harvest festivals were held in her honor and offerings of the best yields were dedicated to her. She was also the protector of children, turning her dread eyes to creatures that might put a curse on them.

In the New Kingdom her role expanded to include the granting of magical powers to mummification wrappings. During the Ptolemaic Era she was known as "The Lady of the Robes."

Worship: Cult center at Terenuthis, in the Nile Delta. Worshipped in the surrounding area.

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