Egypt: Sopedu - The Border Patrol God


Sopedu was a border patrol god in his role of "lord of the east", and was depicted either as a crouching falcon or Bedouin warrior wearing a crown of tall plumes.

However, in the Pyramid Texts Spedu's astral nature is emphasized. The goddess Isis, in her aspect of the star Sirius (Sothis) who is the herald of the Nile inundation, is impregnated by the king. Horus-Sopedu, is the result of this union. he is a natural coalescence of two hawk deities. More evidence of Sopedu as a stellar deity occurs in the equation of the god with the teeth of the king when the latter has become a star-god. This idea emphasizes the king's invincibility since Sopedu is "sharp of teeth" himself, a vivid epithet of a bird of prey.

Sopedu's domain includes the eastern desert, and he protects the Egyptian held turquoise mines of the Sinai peninsula where inscriptions bear witness to his worship at Serabit el-Khadim. Hower, his main cult center is in the northeast Delta at Saft el-Henna.