Mastaba of Kagemni

Mastaba of KagemniThe mastaba of Kagemni is of the VIth Dynasty. Kagemni is thought to have been a judge and a priest. The reliefs that are found in this mastaba are not as numerous as Mereruka's tomb, but the detail in each is very apparent.

Beyond the antechamber, you will find a three-pillared room. The reliefs on these walls show different scenes. There are scenes of fishing, ones with crocodiles, dragonflies, frogs and grasshoppers. Geese are shown with hyenas. On a different wall, a cow is lassoed and a puppy is being fed. There is a room to the right of the three-pillared room which has reliefs of greyhounds and monkeys. Kagemni is shown in one as well. Birds are done very well in this room. The details of wading birds, ducks and geese eating are wonderfully done. There are also three offering rooms in this chamber.