Just for Kids - Hashids Room

Just for Kids

Hashids Room

By Margo Fallis

Hashid lived in the desert, in a house made of mud. It was square, had a flat roof, and small slits in the walls for windows. It was several stories high and Hashids room was on the top floor. He loved having his room be at the top of the house. He could look out of his window and see the whole city. Whenever he heard the morning call to prayer crying out from the minaret, hed run to the window and look. He could see the man standing in the balcony of the minaret. Soon after, all the men in the village were walking towards the mosque for Morning Prayer. Sometimes Hashid went with his father, but not usually the early prayer.

He could look down on the bazaar. He loved going there with his mother. It was always busy. From his room the people looked like ants crawling through a maze. There were so many colorful things in the bazaar, such as fabric, leather goods, carpets, and scarves.

Hashid could see the school where his older brother and sister went every day to learn to read, write, and count. He couldnt wait until he was old enough to go there and learn about the world.

Hashid loved it when it rained. Living in the desert, it didnt rain very often, but when it did, he would stick his arms out the window and catch the raindrops in his hands.

If it was still daytime, hed run down the stairs and go outside and splash in the mud. His mother didnt like it when he did that. The mud was red and it stained his white robe. He loved the way the mud squished between his toes.

If Hashid looked far enough he could see the farmlands, green and fertile. He loved to go with his mother to the farms to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. His favorite was watermelon, but he loved beans and eggplant too. Sometimes the farmers would let him pick his own oranges from the trees. He had a lot of fun doing that.

At night, Hashid would curl up on the pile of pillows on the floor. He didnt sleep in a bed. He didnt have to use a blanket because it never got cold, but his mother kept a sheepskin nearby incase he needed it. Hashid was happy with his life in the desert.

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