Lake Nasser Fish - Types of Fishing on Lake Nasser



You will catch most of your big Nile perch while trolling. There are three reasons for this:


  • Trolling covers a bigger area of water, potentially putting lures in front of more big fish.
  • Landing big fish is easier than from the shore, due to the heavier tackle used and the advantages of playing fish from a boat.
  • Most anglers spend more time trolling than shore fishing!


Shore Fishing



Many Lake Nasser regulars prefer shore fishing to trolling. It requires more skill than trolling, and will often produce more fish. It can also be awesomely exciting. If you decide to give shore fishing a good try, then you will catch big fish. Most shore fishing takes place near camp in the cool of the morning, and during the break for lunch; however if we hit a group of fish while trolling, we'll often stop and shore fish. There is no doubt that huge fish can be caught shore fishing - the present record is 179lb.


Fly Fishing



Very few people have ever caught a Nile perch using a fly rod. Fly fishing for Nile perch is still in its formative stages. We still have a lot to learn about this side of the sport so only take the following as a guide line. Even the smaller Nile perch 20/30lb will provide spectacular sport on a fly rod.



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