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The current fly-caught record Nile perch from Lake Nasser is this 52-pounder taken by Oliver Wilson in July 1999. Oliver, who was 16 at the time, took the fish on a 10 weight rod and fast sinking line and a lure tied by his father David to a pattern devised by John Newton, cast from the boat to a rock face. He had previously caught a 15-pounder and two at 25lb from the shore on fly.



This huge Vundu skull was found on Jackal Island at Abyad. The fish it came from, when alive, probably weighed well over 100lb. As to its manner of death, it is possible that one of Lake Nasser's resident crocodiles finished it off, as they hunt and feed on fish of this size.



A fisherman's net nearly spelled the end for this five-foot crocodile. However, it was bought by the African Angler and released back into the lake. "Both the fisherman and the crocodile thought we were nuts," said Tim Baily. "The croc thanked us by snapping at our feet before it took off into the water."



Special mention is merited by the capture, in April 1999, of a new Junior record Nile perch (169lb) by 14-year-old Ryan Vaughan. His father Jeff commented: "Even when the fish made a last powerful dive under the boat, in spite of being exhausted, Ryan was fast enough to get the rod down into the water and reduce the clutch pressure. I am incredibly proud of him."





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Last Updated: June 15th, 2011