Egypt: Luxor Hotels

Luxor Hotels

5 stars


Luxor, the ancient capital of Thebes, is historic and old. Such an important city has no doubt received many visitors throughout the years, and the hotels here are spectacular! Since youll be doing a lot of physical activity going to visit the various tombs, youll definitely want to be pampered while at your hotel. Stay in one of Luxors many 5* hotels and youll experience incredible accommodations, superb culinary outlets, and spot-on service, making your stay absolutely memorable. Heres a list of hotels to choose from:

The Al Moudira Hotel

Sofitel Winter Palace

Hilton Hotel

Other 5 Stars Hotels...

4 stars


If your budget is slightly lower, you may opt to stay in one of Luxors many great 4* hotels. These hotels offer the same great service, clean accommodations, and great food at a slightly lower rate. Heres a list of great 4* Luxor hotels:

Mercure Inn Hotel

Nefertiti Hotel

Gaddis Hotel

Other 4 Stars Hotels...

3 stars


So you want to see the sights without breaking the bank? Why not stay at a 3* hotel? Being a major tourist destination, Luxor has plenty of great 3* hotels that are clean and have friendly staff. Check out this list for recommendations:

Philippe Hotel

Emilio Hotel

Shady Hotel

Other 3 Stars Hotels...

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Last Updated: May 8th, 2011