Egypt: Al-Ashmunayn and Tunah Al-Gabel

Al-Ashmunayn and Tunah Al-Gabel


Minya, Egypt

How to get there:

By daily air conditioned trains, scheduled at regular hours.
By private vehicles, taxis and tourist buses.

For information and reservation contact the Upper Egypt Bus Company which organizes excursions to Al-Minya. Tel: +20-2-22609304/9297/8.


Al-Minya ... Assyut... Suhag ..the names of three Governorates in Upper Egypt which, dear Tourist, you may have spotted on the map but know very little about.

The three Governorates combine the beauty of nature and ancient monuments from the Pharaonic, Roman, Byzantine, Coptic and Islamic periods. History, as it were, speaks with magnificence and grandeur.

Al-Minya saw the birth of Hur Muheb, near Al-Sheikh Fadl in Beni Mazar. It was from here that this ruler, who saved the Egyptian Empire from downfall, inherited greatness, pride and nobility, all of which are manifested in the many magnificent monuments found in this important region.

Visitors to the area will feel that they are actually reading history, carvec and inscribed on the walls of the temples, the tombs and the royal palaces. If you are interested in tourism, dear Tourist, you should read our ancient Egyptian history which attests to the authenticity of the art that comprises Pharaonic, Roman, Byzantine, Coptic and Islamic monuments.