Egypt: The Cairo Opera House in El Zamalek, Cairo Egypt

Opera House

Location: El Zamalek , Cairo, Egypt

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The new 7 -story opera house at the Gezira Exhibition Grounds was inaugurated on October, 3, 1988. Designed by a team of Japanese and Egyptian architects, it is an architectural masterpiece of Islamic design. It is equipped with the most sophisticated audio-visual system and comprises:

1.The Main Theater, a closed hall comprising 1200 seats, is used for opera, ballet, and classic music performance.

2.The Second Theater is also a closed hall comprising 500 seats and is used for various purposes, including film festivals and conferences.

3.The Third Theater is open and comprises 1000 seats.

There are other halls, some of which are used for training and rehearsals. In addition, the Museum and the Library contain references pertaining to the most significant artistic works.

Cairo becomes alive at night, the best time to shop, eat delicious Middle Eastern cuisine, or simply watch the world go by from a pavement cafe. You can dine in a floating restaurant on the Nile, sample a shisha at a coffee-shop or see oriental dancers at a luxury hotel. The splendid Opera House complex houses several galleries (including the Museum of Modern Art), restaurants and concert halls. Listening to Arabic music under the stars, in the open air
theater, is a magical experience. At El-Ghuriya, in the heart of Islamic Cairo, you can watch folk musicians and whirling dervish dancers. And don't forget the most essential after-dark experience, the sound and light show at the Pyramids, a dramatic fusion of light and music recounting the story of antiquity.

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