Ahrash Protected Area of Egypt



Al Ahrash Reserve lies in the Northeast corner of Egypt, bordering the huge expanded area of sand dunes that reaches 60 meters in height above sea level.


The reserve is densely covered with numerous acacia trees, various camphor trees, bushes and pastoral plants that help in fixation of sand dunes within the protection sector.


They also help preserving an important feature of the ecology of the Mediterranean coast which was subjected to developmental processes that changes its original natural formations.


This high density of plant covering also helps increase water content in the soil to maintain the subterranean water and its salinity. Moreover, it induces the attraction of tourist activity due to its natural resources.


Al Ahrash reserve is one of the sources that the state is keen to work for its conservation and protection, as one of the regions which are expected to have positive effects on soil protection, the dense plant cover and water resources.


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