Lake Burullus Protected Area of Egypt

An eagle over Lake Burullus



Northern Coast East of Alexandria. It is situated northeast of Rosetta branch of the River Nile. It extends 10 km in length and from 6-17 km in width


It is about 460 square kilometers, and it is considered the second largest natural lake in Egypt


It aims at conserving the biological diversity of Al Manzala Lake, rehabilitating of species that extincted as a result of human activities monitoring environmental change in the lake and protecting the damp areas. The reserve also aims at encouraging the environment tourism and conducting scientific and applied research. It also aims at maintaining natural resources especially those of economic revenue.



Plant life at Lake Burullus



Environmental diversity:
Al Burullus lake is prevailed with a number of environments, most important of them are salt swamps and sand plains. High sand dunes cover the lake coasts . Therefore, it is considered a natural location of 135 kinds of land and water plants. Moreover, it is convenient for receiving the migrating wild birds.



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