Wadi Al Allaqi Protected Area of Egypt



A strange rodant at Wadi al Allaqi



Area: 30,000 km2

Type: Nature Reserve (first), then declared a Biosphere Reserve

Year of establishment: 1989 Nature Reserve; 1993 Biosphere Reserve

Objective: To maintain the genetic diversity of the flora and fauna. Sustainable Development.

Management: The Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA).


Geographical aspects:

Wadi Al Allaqi is a valley formed by the drying up of a large river, 275 km in length with an average width of 1 km. The reserve is divided into three zones: the core zone, the buffer zone and the transition zone.




A colorful Scorpion at Wadi Al Allaqi


A colorful Scorpion at Wadi Al Allaqi


More than 90 species of annual and perennial plants.



Fifteen species of mammals, 16 species of birds, few venomous reptiles, and large number of invertebrates.



A goat at Wadi al Allaqi

A goat at Wadi al Allaqi


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