Wadi El Assuti Protected Area of Egypt


A Snakeat Wadi El Assuti



The Asuiti Valley starts in the form of tributaries, most important of them is the area that start in the south from Qena valley and go north. Among them is Habib valley that ends in the plateaus on the two sides. The Asuiti valley then extends west to meet the Nile valley in a form of a delta whose base is parallel to the River Nile.


Area: 50, 000 feddans.


Function of the Reserve:


The Asuiti valley reserve differs from the rest of the Egyptian reserves as solely considered in the first place as station for breeding animal and wild plant endangered of extinction and which are available in Egyptian deserts. It also contains genes origins of importance to modernization of agriculture.


This reserve is an addition to the mission of genes banks of agricultural crops as well as studies of genes engineering. The reserve also includes some wild plants, medical herbs and some scattered trees of acacia and doum-palm and others that cluster on the sides of torrential streams. In the reserve area, these are some wildlife animals like deers and some kinds of reptiles and a large number of non-vertebral that live under bushes or in rock cracks. Though small in size, they have an important role in the environmental equilibrium and soil fertility.



A Goat at Wadi El Assuti


A Goat at Wadi El Assuti


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