Wadi Digla Protected Area of Egypt



A Turtle at Wadi Digla


Degla valley lies between latitude 56, 29 north and 24, 31east. It is 30 km long and extends from east to west.



The reserve area is about 60 square kilometers.


Degla valley is considered a part of the northern plateau which is known as a major distinctive geographical environment in Egypt. Degla valley starts in the form of small tributaries where rainfall water pours on hills surrounding the valley.



Bird Life of Wadi Digla




Natural resources in the valley:
The remarkable resources in the Degla valley is its general scene which is rich in plant and animal life. The valley is covered with protective permanent plantation layer containing 64 kinds of plants. Traces of deers availability were newly recorded in this areas as well as 20 kinds of reptiles, that include Egyptian turtles, which are endangered of extinction. There are also 12 kinds of the eastern desert birds, in addition to kinds of migrating and visiting birds in winter as well as the resident and visiting birds in summer.



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