Birket (Lake) Qarun in the Fayoum Egypt

Birket (Lake) Qarun

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Our Feature Story on Lake Qarun

Lake Qarun is the third largest lake in Egypt. Its depth ranges from 5 m. in the east to 12 m. in the west. It is part of the ancient Lake Moeris, visited by Herodotus in 450 B.C. It is the Island of Al-Qarn al-Dhahabi (Golden Horn) and is an excellent site for water sports, such as wind surfing, fishing and bird shooting. After the noise, crowds of Cairo the Fayoum oasis, which includes Lake Qaroun, is literally a breath of fresh air. It offers both Egyptian and foreign visitors a relaxing break from city life, a day at the beach and a chance to see oasis life without having to venture too far. It has as well ancient monuments.

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