Ru'a'bi-l-gibna Crisp Pastry with Cheese Filling

Egyptian Food and Recipes



* ru'a'1

* chiken broth

* butter

* filling



equal amounts of

a) salted hard cheese (e.g., Balken), grated

b) skimmed cheese

hard-boiled eggs

1 fresh egg, beaten



Mash skimmed cheese and hard-boiled eggs and mix with beaten egg, grated cheese, and pepper.

Grease baking tray and boil stock. Take one layer of ru'a' at a time, dip in boiling broth, and line bottom of tray. Sprinkle with butter and repeat to cover bottom with three or four layers. Spread cheese mixture evenly and repeat, dipping ru'a' in broth and sprinkling with butter for another three or for layers. Sprinkle top with remaining melted butter and bake in preheated moderate oven. When the top browns, turn over to allow the bottom to brown also. Cut into sections while still hot.

1. ru'a' is very thin craker-type bread.