Egypt: The Temple of Sarabit al-Khadim in South Sinai, Egypt

The Temple of Sarabit al-Khadim

Location: South Sinai, Egypt

How to get there: From outside Egypt
Many international flights now go direct to Sharm el-Sheikh, contact our travel department for details.

From Cairo
Buses run by the East Delta Bus Company. Terminus in Abbassia.

By air:

Egyptair: Tel: +20-2-25750600 (Cairo)
Sinai Air Company: Tel:+20-2-2776893/760948 (Nile Hotel)
ZAS: Tel: +20-2-2918030 (Novotel, Cairo)


The temple lies in a small hill top north of Al-Tor . It consists of several caves, most important of which are : Cave of the Goddess Hathor, built during the reign of King Snefru, and Cave of Souidu, the God of War .