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5 stars

5 stars hotel

Sharm El Sheikh's got something for everyone, and for the luxury traveler, Sharm's hotels are just the thing. Located on the sea, guests can enjoy the private beaches, 5* accommodations, superb culinary outlets, and spot-on service, making their stay absolutely memorable. Here are a list of 5* Sharm El Sheikh hotels:

The Movenpick Sharm el-Sheikh Hotel and Casino

Helnan Marina Sharm Hotel

Iberotel Grand Sharm Hotel

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4 stars

4 stars hotel

For travelers looking to to be pampered at a slightly lower cost, 4* hotels are the way to go. With some located right on the beachfront, there are also great pools to relax in. Still being a luxury category means that excellent service is guaranteed, and the food is delicious. Check out the list of 4* hotels in Sharm El Sheikh:

Ghazala Gardens Hotel

Aida Beach Hotel

Hilton Residence Hotel

Other 4 Stars Hotels...

3 stars

3 stars hotel

For those who are a bit more budget conscious, Sharm's 3* hotels can be the best bet. Often with pools as substitutes for the beach, you can easily take a short trip to Naama Bay and enjoy the shops and nightlife. Also offering good, clean accommodation, superb service, and several culinary options, 3* hotels offer the best of both worlds. Here are a few:

Sharm Sunset Hotel

Gafi Land Tourist Village Hotel

Sanafer Hotel

Other 3 Stars Hotels...

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