Egypt: Red Sea - Dive Sites - Abu Tinun

Abu Tinun

Abu Tinun is located between Sinafar Island and the eastern end of Tiran Island. Abu Tinun is an area that is made up of a sandy shelf, coral heads and sea grasses. The coral heads are home to many cleaning stations and you will find sweetlips, jacks and large groupers that are waiting to the cleaner wrasses to remove parasites from them. Overhangs and caves are also found on the corals heads and there are even some black coral trees. These coral trees often are the homes to longnose hawkfish that are bright red when lit by a strong light. The sea grasses are the home of many seahorses, eels, cuttlefish and stingrays.

The typical depth range of the Abu Tinun is 20 to 50 feet and is best accessed by boat dive or a local guide. The expertise required for this dive site is a novice to advanced.

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Last Updated: May 29th, 2011