Egypt: Red Sea - Dive Sites - Dunraven Wreck (Beacon Rock)

Beacon Rock
(Dunraven Wreck)

Beacon Rock is located on the south side of the Ras Muhammed Peninsula and is within the boundaries of Ras Muhammed National Park. In this area is the wreck of the Dunraven, which was a steam freighter from the first part of the century. It is thought to have been a spy ship for T.E. Lawrence, better known as Lawrence of Arabia. Beacon Rock itself is a jetty off of the Ras Muhammed Peninsula in the Gulf of Suez. There is a wall that you will swim down to the wreck. The return is the same way. The dive will probably be canceled or stopped if the current is strong.

The typical depth range of Beacon Rock is 90 to 130 feet and is best accessed by boat dive or local guide. The expertise required for this area is advanced to a dive master or instructor.

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Last Updated: May 29th, 2011