Egypt: Red Sea - Glossary of Terms: Koshkasha


Koshkasha is located on the south side of Tiran Island. This area is used mostly as a night dive site for liveaboard dive boats that operate in the area. The bay is about 50 feet deep and many large coral heads and shallow caves are found here. These heads and caves are covered with marine life. These coral heads really come to life at night with many colored feather stars. There are many reef fish that spend the night in the antler coral that is also found in this area. The sand on the bottom seems to be covered with bluespotted stingrays and you might even find an octopus or two.

The typical depth range of the Koshkasha is 20 to 50 feet and is best accessed by a boat dive and a local guide. The expertise required for this area is a novice to advanced.

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Last Updated: May 29th, 2011