Egypt Red Sea - Scuba Travel Tips - Packing your scuba gear

Egypt's Red Sea Virtual Diving Center

Packing Your Scuba Gear

In preparing for your trip, be sure all of your diving equipment has been serviced and is functioning properly. You should always test all existing and/or any newly purchased equipment in a pool or the ocean to ensure it is working and to familiarize yourself with something new. Be sure to install new batteries in your dive computer, and refresh yourself on its safe operation.

Pack your gear in the order of suiting up. For example, your wet suit should be packed last since its the first thing you put on, and your fins and mask should be packed first since you put them on last. Bring along a spare mask, diving gloves, and a re-dive kit with extra O-rings, toothpaste to clean your mask, extra batteries for your lights, and an extra heas strap for your mask. Always bring two lights (one as a backup). Make sure you have a whistle and a small mirror with you. This way if their is a lot of boat traffic, you will be able to reflect the sun off of the mirror so if you can not be heard at least you will be seen. A small magnifying glass is also good to have so you can take a good look at the "little things" under water.

Backpacks, tanks, weight belts, and weights are provided at most dive centers. A wet suit is highly recommended to help protect yourself against cuts, abrasions, and possible stings. Rental equipment is also available should you so desire. It is attested that you mark all of your gear with waterproof paint or tape for identification purposes. For photographers, the Red Sea provides you with some of the best underwater photography in the world. Bring as much film as you think you will need--then double the amount. You inevitably run out of film, and it can be very expensive and sometimes difficult to find.