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Sinafar (Sanafir) Island

Sanafir Island is located at the eastern end of the Straits of Tiran. The southeast end of Sinafar (Sanafir) Island is an amazing diving location. There is a wall that starts at the surface and stretches down to about 30 feet. It then slopes down to a coral reef that has sandy canyons that stretch down to the bottom depths. Some of the canyons have sheer walls that are completely covered with soft corals of various colors. There are many caves along these walls as well. One of these caves starts at 60 feet and the opening is framed by fan corals. It extends in 50 feet and gets larger until you come to a chamber that is 10 feet high and 20 feet wide. The chamber has a large window at about 50 feet that looks out to the blue water. There is also a chimney in the top of the chamber. In the chamber, you will be constantly surrounded by sweeper glass fish that will move out of the way to let you through. The fish are so numerous that they can block the opening to the reef. As you swim toward the opening, they will slowly move aside and the blue water seems to have a curtain that is being drawn back to let you pass.

Along the sandy slope are amphoras, which are 2-handled jars with narrow necks that were used by the ancient Greeks and Romans. These are believed to have come from an ancient wreck from the Ottoman Empire. This area has many large table corals which hide the amphoras. These amphoras were filled with mercury and some may still contain remnants of the mercury if you look close.

The typical depth range is 20 to 120 feet and is best accessed by a boat dive or a local guide. The expertise required is a novice with an instructor, advanced to dive master or instructor.

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Last Updated: May 29th, 2011