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42km (26 miles) north of Quseir. 27km (17 miles) from Subex Dive Center


By jeep from Quseir, then a shore entry across wide reeftop

Average Depth:

18m (60ft)

Maximum Depth:

35m+ (115ft+)

Average Visibility:

20m (65ft)

This site is a sloping coastal reef featuring an extensive system of caves and tunnels which honeycomb the reef table. The reeftop itself is over 100m (328ft) wide here. The canyon which marks the beginning of the dive drops from near the reef edge to a depth of about 15m (50ft) before giving way to a sandy slope running to 35m (115ft) or more. On the sand at a depth of 30m (100ft), directly out from the mouth of the canyon, are a group of impressive coral heads.

Turning right from the canyon mouth, the reef is steeply sloping and extremely contoured. It is particularly rich in stony corals, with Acropora in table, staghorn and branching forms, massive fairy castle-shaped corals, big patches of cabbage coral, and plenty of plate and encrusting forms.

Fish at the site can include whitetip reef sharks, lots of schooling fusiliers, goatfish and snapper, large numbers of extra-large grouper, many unicorn and surgeonfish, triggerfish, fairy basslets, angles, butterflies and lots of tiny pipefish on the coral heads.

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Last Updated: May 30th, 2011