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20km (12.5 miles) north of Quseir, just beyond the coast guard station and abandoned village


By jeep from Quseir, then shore entry from reeftop

Average Depth:

10m (33ft)

Maximum Depth:

30m (100ft)

Average Visibility:

15m (50ft)

This labyrinthine coral garden is named after an Egyptian cartoon character renowned for complete confusion. Even the guides get lost here! To both the north and south of the entrance, exquisite coral patches alternate with sand and elaborate canyons and tunnels. The site is generally very shallow, averaging 10m (33ft) but depths of over 30m (100ft) can be reached on the outer side of the reef.

This site is truly phenomenal for growth and diversity of coral. The mixture, distribution and condition of both hard and soft species is excellent, with big bommies, beautiful tables, huge massive forms like melted candle wax, extensive soft coral patches, and branching Acropora. Thousands of small carpet anemones litter the bottom.

The extensive coral habitat hosts the expected bounty of reef fish and schooling species, such as unicorns and snappers, while the sand patches are home to bottom-dwellers such as guitar sharks, reef whitetip sharks, bluespotted stingrays and crocodilefish. There are a great many varieties of surgeonfish here, plus grouper, trumpetfish, goatfish and triggers.

The entry/exit canyon at least is clearly marked by a line of makeshift buoys made form baraka mineral water bottles filled with air and tied to the reef.

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Last Updated: May 30th, 2011