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Kilo 15 South



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15km (9 miles) south of Quseir


By jeep from Quseir, then shore entry

Average Depth:

20m (65ft)

Maximum Depth:

35m (115ft)

Average Visibility:

20m (65ft)

This site is accessed through a canyon/tunnel system leading from the reeftop to a sand slope at the reef edge. The last few meters of the entry are through a smooth-walled tube from 5 to 7m (16-23ft). Exiting the dive through this tube is generally impossible due to runoff from the reeftop, so a second passage just to the south of the entry is used for exits.

The reef follows a moderate sloping profile for some distance, before steepening to vertical walls on both sides. Heading south along the reef, you will encounter a series of pinnacles and coral blocks in 10 to 15m (33-50ft), before the reef wall begins to curve outwards. At this point, a long coral bar leads out form the main reef. Beyond its offshore edge, large table corals are scattered across the bottom form depths of 35m (115ft) or more back to the main reef, which steepens here to form a drop-off or mini-wall.

In this deeper area, chances are excellent for seeing both reef whitetip and the rarer guitar sharks. All the common reef fishes are present in great numbers. Coral growth is good overall, with a predominance of hard species, particularly acropora. There are some nice smaller soft corals and scattering of anemones, but the best of the coral is the fine assortment of table corals of the southern reef.

Bear in mind that the strong runoff from the reeftop may make your exit somewhat strenuous. Make sure to maintain a good reserve of air for this eventuality.

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Last Updated: May 30th, 2011