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50km (31 miles) south of Quseir, opposite a small mosque on the coast road


By jeep from Quseir, then shore entry

Average Depth:

15m (50ft)

Maximum Depth:

20m (65ft)

Average Visibility:

15m (50ft)

A labyrinthine site, similar in some ways to Beit Goha. Access is through a reeftop hole or lagoon. The dive is in a shallow, sandy bay whose mouth is partially blocked by a large coral bar. This enclosed, sandy region suffers from rather poor visibility. However, as if to compensate for the murky water, the wreck of a small fishing boat lies in the middle of the bay. To the outside of the bay, visibility improves and the mixed, mostly hard corals are healthy. The right/south side has a more varied profile and range of corals, with pinnacles and a very convoluted layout. The left/north side tends more to large, rounded heads and bommies.

Fish life is abundant but the high point is that dolphins and even manatees have on occasion been sighted here.

The drawbacks here include poor visibility and the need for a long swim to get to the best of the reef.

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Last Updated: May 30th, 2011