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The Brothers: Little Brother



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Just southeast of Big Brother, 67km (36 nautical miles) off El Quseir


By live-aboard from any Red Sea port

Average Depth:

25m (80ft)

Maximum Depth:

70m+ (230ft+)

Average Visibility:

20m (65ft)

This site, the smaller companion of Big Brother, is inferior in size only. The soft coral growth here is so unbelievably rich that the upper 30m (100ft) or so looks like a psychedelic crocheted cap over the reef.

The breathtaking coral is the backdrop for some of the most spectacular fish action you are likely to find between Eilat and Eriutrea. The schooling fish that merely blanket Big Brother are so dense here as to block out the light. Surgeonfish, unicorns and snapper in uncountable masses swim by in shimmering schools so big you cannot see where they begin or end. If you can tear your eyes off the schooling fish, here you will find any other reef species you can name.

Out in the blue, the show goes on with an incredible diversity of pelagics. Like Big Brother, this site attracts numerous sharks, including gray reefs, whitetip reefs, hammerheads, tigers, and even the ominous oceanic whitetip. Even majestic whale sharks are always a tantalizing possibility.

Words cannot describe the diving experience here. After this, very few sites will ever measure up.

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Last Updated: May 30th, 2011