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Rocky Island: South Coast



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The south coast of Rocky Island, 5.5km (3 nautical miles) southeast of Zabargad


By live-aboard from any Red Sea port

Average Depth:

18m (60ft)

Maximum Depth:

50m+ (164ft+)

Average Visibility:

20m (65ft)

This site is the most sheltered and thus the most suitable site for less experienced divers. And it offers some of the best coral and most varied fish life on the island.

The site is marked at all depths by numerous bays, fissures and inlets. Below the surface, the reef has a generally vertical profile, but is broken up by a series of ledges, overhangs and cavelets, giving it a peculiarly sculpted feel.

Corals range from lacy Acropora to massive Favites and extensive cabbage coral patches. Soft species like Dendronephthya are well distributed, offering single heads and larger patches in a variety of colors. The reef shallows are particularly well covered, with clear light from the surface making the vivid coral heads sparkle.

Fish of all shapes and sizes are found here, form large grouper to delicate, translucent lionfish. Triggerfish of several species guard their private patches, while huge Napoleon wrasse cruise past. Snapper and sweetlips alternate with big parrotfish and colorful angelfish, and smaller damsels, butterflyfish and brilliant, fiery anthias hover over the exquisite coral heads.

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Last Updated: May 30th, 2011