Who's Who of Egyptian people, queens and family: Amenhotep

Amenhotep, Son of Hapu

18th Dynasty

Amenhotep was a high-ranking priest in the temple at Athribis during the 18th Dynasty. He was considered one of Egypt's two official demigods and saints. He was also an architect that was very well respected. He supervised many building projects, but stopped to pursue his religious activities. He seems to have had great influence in his time. Many young men came to the temple to receive his counseling and had a great reputation for his piety. His mortuary cult was established later through royal decree. Because of this, he shared divinity with Imhotep, who was the builder of the Step Pyramid of Djoser. There was a sanitarium or clinic that operated in his honor. This clinic was located at Deir el-Bahri, which is on the western shore of Thebes. He lived to be about 80 years of age.

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Last Updated: June 20th, 2011