Who's Who of Egyptian people, queens and family: Neferu-Re


18th Dynasty

Neferu-Re was the half-sister of Tuthmosis III and possibly his wife. She was the daughter of Tuthmosis II and Hatshepsut. She played an important role during the reign of her mother. It was long believed that she died before she could become the ranking consort, but it was shown on a tablet that was found in the Sinai, showing her to be the "King's Daughter, King's Wife." On her statues, she is shown in the arms of Senenmut. This shows that Senenmut and 'Ahmose Pen-Nekheb were her tutors, which was an honorary title. Senenmut was her steward and her "Great Father Nurse".

Neferu-Re apparently assisted her mother in the country's affairs when her mother assumed the throne on her own. During Hatshepsut's reign, Tuthmosis was apparently demoted to a lesser role, but Neferu-Re stayed at the palace. Hatshepsut depended on her daughter a great deal over the years. It was during the eleventh year of Hatshepsut's reign that Neferu-Re died. After her death, the mother's power waned. At about the same time that Neferu-Re died, Senenmut died. Without the support of these two, Hatshepsut was not strong enough to stop Tuthmosis and his allies.

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Last Updated: June 19th, 2011