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Arabella Arabia Beach Hotels, Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt






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Experience an unforgettable daily trip with the Catamaran around Giftun Island. Stop on a beautiful sandy beach for a snorkelling break. When the wind is strong (5-6Bft) we offer a fantastic half day trip to a shallow lagoon sailing in the double harness. Explore the Red Sea with an additional 18 m2 sail surface.


The Surf & Cat Action center is the center point of the two resorts: Arabella and Arabia Hotels and lies directly on the beach in a wonderful lagoon. Safety for beginners: The lagoon is an ideal place to start, it is approx. 700 m wide and 800 m long, to prevent drifting out inadvertently to the open sea. Outside of the lagoon experienced cat sailers and surfers can find a great open space, the wind usually comes side shore. The Giftun Island is located 4-5 km away from the hotel and is great fun for the more experienced.

Beginner Catamaran courses are held in ideal conditions; we guarantee you will succeed!

Surfers find super conditions, depending upon wind (in the morning stronger) you may even find waves up to 1 and 2 meters high. A unique experience is the 6 km crossing to an Island where you find a calm shallow lagoon for resting before your adrenaline surf in strong wind back to the surf station.


We have two Catsail formula 2 as well as one K2 and one K1 with Reacher. For Windsurfing we have seventy F2 boards as well as ninety Arrowsails in all sizes and for all levels. For emergencies we have our life raft always ready.

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Last Updated: June 16th, 2011