Three Minor Pyramids - Giza

To the south of the Pyramid of Menkaure', lies three smaller and incomplete pyramids. The largest was probably built for Menkaure's principal wife. A granite sarcophagus was recovered from the central tomb which contained the bones of a young woman.

Tomb of Queen Khentkawes

This tomb is to the south of the main pyramids of Giza. She is thought to have been married to Shepseskaf, who was the last 4th Dynasty pharaoh and the son of Menkaure'. The is believed to have later married a high priest of Re, the sun-god, when the male line of the dynasties was very weak. She was the mother to a number of kings who are buried in Abu Sir and Saqqara. She acted as the link between the 4th and 5th Dynasties. Her tomb is a huge sarcophagus and is linked to a mortuary temple. The temple is cut out of the limestone.

The Sawiyat al-Aryan Pyramids

These pyramids are about halfway between Giza and North Saqqara. There are two pyramids located here and can only be reached by riding through the desert. The most southern of the two is probably a 3rd Dynasty (2686 - 2613 BC) step pyramid. The granite of the other is probably from the 4th Dynasty (2613 - 2494 BC). This pyramid appears to have been abandoned after its foundations had been laid.