Egypt Picture - Fragment of a Statue of meritamun

Fragment of a Statue of meritamun

JE 31413 (CG 600) Cairo Antiquities Museum

Material: Limestone
Size: Height: 75 cm
Location: Ramesseum, Temple of the Queen
Excavation: W.M.F. Petrie's Excavations of 1896
Period: 19th Dynasty, Reign of Ramesses II (1290-1224 BC)

Meritamun was both the daughter, and sometimes after the death of Nefertari, her mother, became the Great Royal Wife of her father, Ramesses II (the Great). The painted decorations of this statue fragment is still well preserved. Her smile, in particular, is similar to that on a number of statues of Ramesses II. On top of her head, she wears a circular diadem, its base adorned all the way around with a frieze of uraei with solar disks.

Fragment of a Statue of meritamun

Photographer: Unknown

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