Tour Egypt presents Aswan and Nubia, including information on Elephantine Island, Kitcheners Island, High Dam

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Aswan and Nubia, from Idfu to Abu Simbel

Major Cities and Towns

About the Area

This area of Egypt enjoy's a very rich history and a central role in Egypt's development. There are hundreds of historical sites including some of Egypt's most important monuments. Beginning at Aswan, this area stretches South and includes Lake Nasser. Historical sites may be found in and about Aswan, as well as south along the coast of Lake Nasser.


  • Total population of Governorate 1,042,000
  • Male 50.20%
  • Female 49.80%


  • 26 hotels
  • 3,019 rooms

Worship Places

  • 991 mosques
  • 26 churches

How to get to Aswan

From outside Egypt

International flights to Cairo, or via Cairo and Luxor to Aswan and Abu Simbel.

Contact your travel agent for details.

From Cairo
By air: Tel: +20-2-5750600 (Cairo)

ZAS: Tel: +20-2-2918030 (Novotel, Cairo)

By rail: Wagons-lits and other trains depart from Ramses Station. For air-conditioned express trains with a restaurant car, contact Wagons-Iits. Tel: +20-2-3492365.

Overland by bus or service taxi from the Ahmed Helmi terminal, near Ramses Station. Tel: +20-2-3646658.

Cruises down the Nile, with accommodation en route, can be arranged through your travel agent.

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