Egypt: Tour Egypt Monthly: The Magazine of Egyptian Travel and History - June 2000

Volume I, Number 1 - June 1st, 2000

This Month in Tour Egypt Monthly:

Feature Articles

Egypt - Not Just a Vacation, It's the Trip of a Lifetime. by Paul GroffieArgument aside

, there is a difference between a vacation and the trip of a lifetime. According to the Merriam Websters Collegiate Dictionary a vacation is defined as "a period spent away from home or business in travel or recreation." A trip is simply defined "to make a journey."

In my opinion, there is no greater journey that could be made than a trip to Egypt. ...

Ye Gods by David C. ScottPerhaps

no other part of the world has witnessed more religions and
systems of belief than Egypt. For Jews, Christians, and Muslims it is part of the Holy Land, occupying a revered place in both their history and in their theology. Yet Egypt's religious tradition goes back even further, into the mists of prehistory. ...

What Disease was Akhen-Aton Suffering From by Sameh M. Arab,

M.D.During the 18th dynasty, there suddenly came a religious revolt in ancient Egypt, led by Amenhotep IV. During his 5th regnal year, the king announced a new religion for the state, the "Atonism". This involved defying only one god, Aton (the solar disc), and rejecting all other currently known gods.Departments

Ancient Beauty Secrets

by Judith Illes Judith Illes provides us with 3,000 year old beauty secrets including a recipe for an ancient anti-wrinkle cream.

Book Reviews

by Glen Parry This month Glen Perry explores "Historic Cairo, A Walk through the Islamic City".

Kid's Corner

by Margo Wayman Word games, finger puppets, and kids recipes from Margo Wayman who also writes stories for our Color Me Egypt section.

Cooking with Tour Egypt

by Mary Kay Radnich Mix it up with Mary Kay Radnich, this month featuring Semit bread rings, Koshari, the Egyptian chili, homemade dressing and Mango Milkshakes

Hotel Reviews

By Juergen Stryjak & Jimmy Dunn This month Jimmy Dunn explores the Longchamps Hotel, a three star Jewel of Zamalek.

Egyptian Exhibitions

by deTraci Regula deTraci Regula provides us with details on Egyptian Exhibits throughout the world. If you can't go to Egypt, try this.

Egyptian Night Life

by Jimmy Dunn Jimmy Dunn looks at the Windsor Bar, which takes us back to colonial Egypt when it was the English Officer's Club

Restaurant Reviews

by Juergen Stryjak, Mariam Salama & Jimmy Dunn We review the great Al Tekkia and the Maroush (with mixed feelings) in Cairo, and the not so great Felfela in Hurghada.

Shopping Around

by Juergen Stryjak Well known writer Juergen Stryjak exlpores the "other Khan". Find great shopping at the Khan Misr Touloun.

Egyptian View-Point

by Adel Murad Adel Murad explores the world from the eyes of an Egyptian. Find out what they think of tourists, of Egypt and of their culture.

Egypt - Not Just a Vacation, It's the Trip of a Lifetime! By Paul Groffie

Ye Gods - Egyptian Mythology By David Scott

What Disease was Akhen-Aton Suffering From? By Dr. Sameh Arab

Editor's Commentary By Jimmy Dunn

Ancient Beauty Secrets By Judith Illes

Book Reviews By Judith Illes

Kid's Corner By Margo Wayman

Cooking with Tour Egypt By Mary K Radnich

Hotel Reviews By Juergen Stryjak

Egyptian Exhibitions By deTraci Regula

Nightlife Various Editors

Restaurant Reviews Various Editors

Shopping Around By Juergen Stryjak

Egyptian View-Point By Adel Murad

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