Egypt: Egyptian Night Life

Egyptian Night Life

Though not typically known for its nightlife, Egypt has quite a lively nighttime social scene. While not all of the cities have clubs, almost anywhere with a decent hotel will have somewhere to be entertained for the evening.

Cairo, being the largest city, offers the most options in that there are plenty of hotels (over 125), all with bars in each, and some even have clubs in the building. Besides hotels, there are a few pub options scattered around the city where expats and Egyptians mingle. There are also quite a few nightclubs located downtown, in Zamalek, and in Giza. These are usually open from around 10PM to 2AM, and depending on which club and night, play everything from house to salsa to RnB.

The nightlife is much livelier, however, in the resort towns of Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh. Some of the most famous nightclubs outside of Ibiza are located here. Internationally ranked DJs have been known to play at Sharms Le Pacha, Hurghadas Ministry of Sound and Little Buddha. New Years Eve is prime nightlife time in Hurghada & Sharm with the abundance of clubs around.

The neighboring resort town of El Gouna also has a couple of night clubs that are pretty lively during the summer months. Another place with a lively nightlife during the summer is the North Coast. A few of Cairos hotspots open locations in the North Coast for the summer since its the main destination for Egyptians to spend a week, or even visit on weekends.

While Egypt isnt famous for its nightlife, there are certainly still quite a few options, and you surely wont be bored when here.

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Last Updated: 11th of October, 2011