Egypt: Egyptian Night Life Review

Night Life in Egypt

Volume I, Number 2, July 1st, 2000

Egyptian Night Life


Jimmy Dunn

Hurghada. Those who have not been, think in terms of water sports, particularly scuba diving. Indeed, this Red Sea resort has over 100 diving centers and is well known for the sport.

Yet many, if not most people, do not come to Hurghada to dive, but rather to enjoy the sun, the beach and what has become one of the best ocean front party towns in Egypt. Perhaps, among those who frequent the area, this city is best know for the night life.

Hurghada is a European pleasure paradise, where mostly Germans and Italians come to play in the sun and party for the remainder of the night. There are certainly members of the older crowd, but many young people, as Hurghada has come to be known as an inexpensive retreat. Here, one finds all-inclusive lodging, very nice three and four star hotels, many of which are new facilities. There are many more on the way.

In the US, my favorite party beach community is Panama City Beach, Florida, and I am reminded of this as I stroll through downtown Hurghada, with its many hotels and clubs just off the beach, the sidewalk cafes, the t-shirt shops and its young tourists strolling the streets. At night, the feeling grows, but of course, with a European flair.

Like good beach party bars everywhere most many of the clubs in Hurghada have drink specials almost every night and many have special events several times a month.

Let's check out some clubs. The following is but a fraction of the entertainment facilities in Hurghada


Papa's Bar is popular and now there is Papa's II in downtown Hurghada. They often feature live music, while at other times provide a hot DJ. Many of the bands are very hip, originating from Amsterdam, the party capital of Holland. Sakara beer, which is stronger then most US and European varieties is 6 L.E. or a little under $1.75 USD (which seems to be a norm in Hurghada). Telephone 010 1547851 or 010 1548465

The Wave located on the Sheraton Road beside the Aquafun Hotel has specials just about every night. This is basically a Disco with a live D.J. Drink prices are good, with specials including 5 L.E. Sakara draft and 10 L.E. Tequila and Vodka. Telephone 065 444661

The Chill is a beach cafe likewise with specials every night. These include 8 L.E. Tequila. Each month the have "Full Moon" parties which result hellacious entertainment.

Hotel clubs offer only a somewhat more somber atmosphere, often with an little older crowd, but not always

The Hilton Hurghada Resort's pub offers live music much of the week, along with drink specials such as twofers. Buy one beer, get one free. Telephone 065 442116 or 065 442117 (email

Crackers Bar at the Sea Garden Hotel on Sheraton Road offers theme nights with live entertainment at all times. Take your pick, most favorite drinks are priced at 10 L.E., and depending on the night, these specials include Tequila, Sakara beer, Meister from Copenhagen and Russian Vodka. Telephone 065 447493 or 065 447499

The Kalaboush Disco at the Iberotel Arabella also has theme nights which include a half liter of Sakara Draft beer for 12 L.E. Other specials include one meter of Sakara Draft for 50 L.E. Unfortunately, we can't tell you have much is in a meter, but it sure does sound like a lot. Telephone 065 545087 (email