Desert Safaris in Egypt

Egypt Desert Safaris


Deserts cover about 20% of the Earths land surface, and are often thought of as unforgiving environments where it is difficult to survive even a day or two. While you do need special preparations to stay in the desert, its actually quite possible to do it even fun! Deserts provide the perfect atmosphere for some really interesting activities you wont be able to do anywhere else in the world. Hot deserts are, perhaps, more versatile in the kinds of activities that you can do, and the largest hot desert, the Sahara, has many points where you can take part in these activities.


Desert safari is a term that covers the general excursion you would take into the desert. Of course, as many are inexperienced when it comes to the desert, it is always necessary to be accompanied by a guide who has a great deal of training and experience in desert situations.

When you set off on your desert safari, youll have a chance to experience the true desert, and understand the beauty and appeal of it to the locals.



When in Egypt, its a great idea to go on a desert safari. These alternative style trips are an absolute adventure that you must experience. While hot deserts the world over can offer great experiences, in Egypt you can have these experiences and have a blast while doing it! Often traveling into the desert with Bedouin guides, youll have a chance to see their interaction with the environment, and enjoy it the way locals would with song and dance around a campfire at night! While camping out in the desert, youll experience one of the clearest night skies around as you sit in front of the camp fire and drink traditional Bedouin tea. At your Bedouin camp, you might even enjoy a traditional dinner of lamb, slow cooked in the heat under the sand. While in the Egyptian desert, youll probably even be lucky enough to see a fox or two during your stay!



Photo of a group enjoying a campfire in the Egyptian desert

Enjoying a campfire in the Egyptian desert under the stars



Besides camping, the other desert safari activities you can enjoy in Egypt are sand boarding and dune bashing. Sand boarding is a slightly more forgiving version of snowboarding, where you climb up a sand dune with your board, and slide down either standing (for the adventurous with a good sense of balance) or sitting (for those who are more cautious, and would like to enjoy the same experience, but a little close to the ground); its a fun activity, and one that you can only enjoy in the desert, as there are no man made sand dunes that would suit the activity. You can enjoy this on a simple day trip outside of the desert at the Qataneya Dunes, or while spending a weekend in the Western Desert.



Dune bashing is an activity where youre riding in a 4x4 vehicle that climbs up the dunes, drives along its crest, and sometimes crosses to the other side of the dune. Its quite exciting, and you have to hold tight as youre actually leaning sideways during the ride along the crest of the dune.


While out in the Egypts Western Desert, you can also arrange a trip to see one of the 5 oases, and have your very own mirage experience in the Bahariya Oasis, except youll be seeing actual palm trees around a small spring of water, or even enjoy a dip in some mineral water! The Western Desert even has some areas like the Great Sand Sea that are ideal for sand boarding.



Photo of a man swimming in a mineral pool

Enjoying a dip in a therapeutic mineral pool in an Egyptian oasis


Desert safaris are great adventures, and youre guaranteed to feel the adrenaline rush while driving sideways at the crest of a dune, or sliding down the dune, and youll feel the childlike wonder when you spot indigenous wildlife in the area. On your next trip to Egypt, make sure you set aside a weekend for a trip to the desert its something youll never forget!


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Last Updated: August 21st, 2011