The Saqqara Necropolis in Egypt

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About the Saqqara necropolis


Like Giza, Saqqara is one of the huge necropolises of the ancient city we call today Memphis, and which the ancient Egyptians called "The White Walls". The greater Saqqara field is usually divided between Saqqara proper, which we discuss here, and South Saqqara, where additional pyramids and tombs are located.


Unlike Giza, Saqqara has the distinction not of having Egypt's largest pyramids, but its first, the Step Pyramid of Djoser. In fact, Saqqara has more royal pyramids then does Giza, and it was here that a number of other "firsts" occurred in pyramid building. For example, it was here that we find the first recording on pyramid walls of the so called "Pyramid Texts".


Also just like Giza, Saqqara has a host of private tombs, many of them belonging to important ancient Egyptian officials and dating to the vary earliest of times.