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About the South Saqqara necropolis

South Saqqara is actually a completely separate area from Saqqara Proper, located about one kilometers south of the pyramid of Sekhemkhet. It was founded in the 6th Dynasty. Like elsewhere, this is not simply a pyramid field, but a complete necropolis with various tombs, including that of Shepseskaf who may have not built a pyramid but reverted to the Mastaba style of tomb.


As for pyramids, a number of important kings of the Middle Kingdom built at South Saqqara, including both Pepi I and II, among others.


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South Saqqara Pyramids


Anonymous Pyramid

Khendjer Pyramid

Djedkare Pyramid

Merenre Pyramid

Pepi I Pyramid

Pepi I's Queens

Pepi II Pyramid

Pepi II's Queens

Unknown Queen


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Tomb of Shepseskaf