Egypt: Tour Egypt Monthly: The Magazine of Egyptian Travel and History - July 2000

Volume I, Number 2, July 1st, 2000

This Month in Tour Egypt Monthly:

This month's edition is dedicated to the memory of Mama Batta

Feature Articles

Budget and Independent Travel to Egypt - Part 1 by Jimmy Dunn

We work to make a trip to Egypt a lifetime experience possible for everyone by pointing out how go as inexpensive as possible. Find out all our secrets, our favorite budget establishments and much more. The first part covers travel to Egypt and your visit to Cairo. Part two will cover the remainder of Egypt except for the Red Sea and Sinai, which will be presented in part three.

Historical Hotels in Egypt - Part 1 by Jimmy Dunn

This month we explore the history of the famous Mena House Hotel and the lesser known Windsor Hotel in Cairo. This is a four part series covering most historical hotels in Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor and Aswan.


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Ancient Beauty Secrets
by Judith Illes

Judith Illes provides us with 3,000 year old beauty secrets. This month she explores hair.

Book Reviews
by Mary Kay Radnich

This month Mary Kay Radnich takes a look at Memories of a Lost Egypt: Memoir with Receipes.

Kid's Corner
by Margo Wayman

Word games, paper dolls, and kids recipes, and a new story from Margo Wayman who also writes stories for our Color Me Egypt section.

Cooking with Tour Egypt

by Mary Kay Radnich

Mary Kay Radnich cooks up some Kofta with Apricot Sauce, one of the recipes from Memories of a Lost Egypt.

Hotel Reviews
By Juergen Stryjak

They advertise with the slogan: A monument dedicated to the 21st century traveler. Juergen Stryjak visited the Four Seasons Hotel Cairo and found a quiet elegant oasis in the middle of the noisy metropolis - dedicated to the wealthy traveler.

Egyptian Exhibitions
by deTraci Regula

deTraci Regula explores the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum and Planetarium in San Jose, California.
This intriguing collection is housed in the Egyptian-style buildings at Rosicrucian Park, one of the few places outside Egypt where it is possible to walk and see nothing but Egyptian architecture surrounding you

Egyptian Night Life

by Jimmy Dunn

Jimmy Dunnlooks at night life in Hurghada. Well known for scuba diving, the areas has developed a reputation as one of the best beach party towns in Egypt.

Restaurant Reviews

by Juergen Stryjak

Fuul and T'aamiyya are about food. They are something to eat, but not any sort of a dish, no, they are the basis of the Egyptians' nutrition, a myth, a kind of a religion, with all features of a religion, believers, unbelievers, fanatics and renegades.

Shopping Around
by Juergen Stryjak

You finished your souvenir shopping, but never can't get enough of high-quality Western style clothes for your already crammed wardrobe? Just follow Juergen Stryjak into the First Mall, Cairo's latest shopping mall achievement

Egyptian View-Point
by Adel Murad

Adel Murad writes a memorial for his Egyptian mother, a wonderful lady who fought and inspired her children to embrace the world. This issue of the Tour Egypt Monthly is dedicated to Mamma Duck.

Medical Advice in Egypt
by Dr. Sameh Arab, M.D.

Dr. Arab explains the ins and outs of emergency medical care for travelers to Egypt

Editor's Commentary
by Jimmy Dunn

We take a look at navigation and information available on the Tour Egypt web site.

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